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Find out What Is a Certified Professional Organizer and What Professional Organizers Do

Updated: Feb 8

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What Is a Certified Professional Organizer?

A Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) is an individual who has obtained certification in the field of professional organizing. Professional organizers help individuals and businesses declutter, organize spaces, and develop systems to manage their belongings more effectively. The certification process typically involves education, training, and experience in the organizing industry.

The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BCPO) and the National Association of Productivity and Organizing NAPO are widely recognized organizations that provide certification for professional organizers. To become a Certified Professional Organizer, individuals usually need to meet specific eligibility requirements, which may include a certain number of hours of paid organizing experience, completion of organizing-related education courses, and adherence to a code of ethics.

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Certification can enhance a professional organizer's credibility, demonstrating to clients that they have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively assist with organizational challenges. While certification is not always a legal requirement for practicing as a professional organizer, it can be a valuable credential in the industry.

What do Professional Organizers Do?

Professional organizers assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in creating and maintaining organized and efficient spaces. Their primary goal is to help clients declutter, simplify, and establish systems that make it easier to manage their belongings and tasks.

Here are some common tasks and responsibilities of professional organizers:

1. Professional Organizing Assessment and Planning:

- The professional organizer will evaluate the client's current space and organization challenges.

- Understand the client's goals, preferences, and lifestyle to create personalized solutions.

- Develop a customized plan to address specific organizational needs.

2. Professional Decluttering:

- Professional organizers guide clients in sorting through belongings and deciding what to keep, donate, discard, or relocate, providing support and encouragement during the decision-making process.

3. Space Design and Optimization:

- Maximize the use of available space to enhance functionality.

- Recommend storage solutions, furniture arrangements, and organizational tools.

4. Professional Organizing & Time Management:

- Professional organizers assist clients in developing time management strategies to increase productivity and reduce stress. They create systems for managing tasks, schedules, and priorities.

5. Paper Management:

- Establish systems for organizing and managing paperwork, including filing systems, document retention, and mail sorting.

6. Closet and Wardrobe Organization:

- Help clients streamline and organize their clothing and accessories.

- Optimize closet space and provide advice on wardrobe management.

7. Professional Organizer Digital Organization:

Your professional organizer will assist in organizing digital files, emails, and other digital assets, implementing the systems for maintaining a clutter-free digital environment.

8. Professional Hoarding Intervention:

Professional organizers work with individuals dealing with hoarding tendencies to create a safe and organized living environment, and collaborate with mental health professionals as needed.

9. Downsizing and Relocation:

Professional organizers can aid individuals or families in downsizing before a move.

Facilitate smooth transitions during relocations, helping clients organize and unpack efficiently.

10. Education and Coaching:

A professional organizer provides guidance on organization principles and habits to help clients maintain order and also offers tips and resources for ongoing self-organization.

Professional organizers bring a combination of organizational skills, empathy, and practical knowledge to help their clients achieve and maintain a more organized and efficient lifestyle. Their services can be beneficial for individuals overwhelmed by clutter, those undergoing major life changes, or anyone seeking to optimize their living or working spaces.

Find out What Is a Certified Professional Organizer and What Professional Organizers Do.

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